Bremont’s Armed Forces Collection


The MoD announcement from Bremont

Coming out of another successful ‘Townhouse’ in London, Bremont have announced many exciting new lines to add to their already impressive collections, but one new collection of watches has got the whole watch and jewellery industry talking.

Bremont proudly announced that they are entering into a partnership with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) honouring Her Majesty’s Armed Forces to create the ‘Armed Forces Collection’. This three-piece collection will be the first time that a civilian will be able to purchase an official Bremont Military timepiece.


What to expect from the Armed Forces Collection

Over many years Bremont have worked closely with the armed forces to produce many specially commissioned projects at the request of personnel from all branches of the British armed forces. Bremont’s reputation for producing products that are ‘tested beyond endurance’ is what makes their watches widely recognised as the go-to product for the military.

Supplying products that are fit for purpose is key, but Bremont have been recognised for their discretion and patriotism. Nick English, who co- founded the brand in 2002 with his brother Giles stated on the press release regarding this new partnership, “It is difficult to think of a more significant recognition that has been received by Bremont in the 12 years since we sold our first watch.”

Harking back to the historical past of the British military, Bremont have drawn inspiration from the original ‘Dirty Dozen’ watches as the focal point for the three new designs. We love selling products that have a story and Bremont tell the best stories in the business.


The Dirty Dozen

During World War 2, Britain’s Ministry of Defence commissioned a series of wristwatches to be issued to the British Army. Strict specification was needed for the timing to be of chronometer standard, as well as being robust in the casing that also included water proofing. One of the other key features was the need for luminous markers and with all of these features the Dirty Dozen were created, with 12 different watch brands each producing their version of the needed watch.


There are believed to be around only 20 original complete sets in the world, this is one of the most famed collection of watches in existence. You may also recognise the name from the 1960’s film The Dirty Dozen, which depicts the misadventures of 12 fictional soldiers from the war.

Taking inspiration from the designs of the original 1940’s models, Bremont have developed a new, more traditional two-piece case that features a screw in case back, that itself will show-case the collective badges of all three of the MoD services; the first ever watches to do so. Each watch manufactured in Henley-on-Thames will represent one branch of the military with nuances in design that the British watch company are famed for, that will appeal to both military personnel and civilians alike.


The Bremont Broadsword

Manufactured to the original specification of the British Army, the ‘Broadsword’ is the closest in looks to the Dirty Dozen with a sub-seconds hand sitting 6 o’clock. Simple white numerals are paired with C1 Super-LumiNova® dots and finished hands to enhance the viewing in low light. This model made from hardened steel is 40mm in diameter and equipped with a khaki green sailcloth strap and features the chronometer certified movement, Modified calibre 11 1/2’’’ BE-95-2AV.


This model is the smallest of the three MoD watches and one that we feel will be a big hit due to its fantastic price point at £2595. 40mm is a great size watch for a smaller size wrist or general comfort in day to day wear; something Bremont encourage in all their timepieces. If you have been looking for a more understated luxury watch that you can wear anywhere, anytime and in any condition, this may be the piece for you.


The Bremont Arrow

A mono-pusher chronograph is the distinguishing feature of the ‘Arrow’. The chronograph functionality is a necessity for any timed mission with this timepiece being aimed at the airman. The chronometer rated BE-51AE movement is fitted in a 42mm hardened steel case with the chronograph operated with just the one pusher that will start, stop and reset the stopwatch.


We love the RAF blue sailcloth strap that provides a touch of colour in the most fitting way. The tone of blue is recognisable to those in the know and an aspect that we feel will be loved by many RAF aficionados. The single pusher chronograph is a great old-school feature for a watch that should be used more and with this watch priced at £3595, the Arrow will rank well in the luxury watch market due its superb features great price.


The Bremont Argonaut

The diver of the three, being water resistant to 300 metres, the ‘Argonaut’ is the Naval inspired piece with its name taken from Greek mythology and synonymous with Navy history having appeared on commissioned ships for close to 250 years. Apart from the water resistance, the other key feature to this watch is the readability, especially the highly legible orange minute hand with minutes being so critical in the marine environment.


Bremont have produced many watches that feature the inner rotating bezel operated by the 4 o’clock crown, this feature is one that has proved to be popular among Bremont fans, as it adds an element of difference from so many watches that exhibit an external rotating bezel. Priced at £2795, the Argonaut is a handsome, very wearable diving watch at just 42mm in case size.



Expanding collections is a big undertaking for any watch brand, but I feel the reason to expand should be due to demand and inspiring concepts. A watch of any price let alone one in the luxury market should tell a story and therefore the story give the brand reason to produce a new collection. As a consumer who has bought into a luxury product, it is great to talk about the product and explain its existence and why it differentiates from any other product out there, I genuinely feel that Bremont products do this really well.

Bremont with this proud partnership have the perfect excuse to expand their range and tell a story and capitalise on their military experience. The military watches that they produce for many militias all over the world is a big part of their business, but for a British brand a seal of approval from the MoD is something very special.


The Armed forces collection is due to arrive in April landing in our Blackburn store, where you can pre-order now as well as online.

To see the new Armed Forces Collection and all our Bremont range click the link below.

Danny Bond P.J. Dip

Thomas Sabo Spring/Summer Collection


Intro to SS19

Thomas Sabo are a close friend of our company, a relationship which has grown since 2011 and taken to the next level in the summer of 2017 with the opening of our own Thomas Sabo boutique in the heart of Preston City center; the only privately-owned Thomas Sabo boutique in the world. Thomas Sabo as a watch and jewellery brand is one that we see as innovative and constantly evolving, with no fear of taking on a challenge whether that be a new jewellery concept that bucks the trend of what they are known for or re-inventing their designs dramatically each season. The new Spring / Summer collection is a prime example of what the German based designer is all about.


The Newness

For the Spring / Summer collection Thomas Sabo have gone with warmth and colour in abundance; a concept that is always successful for them and one that had the jewellery industry gazing in admiration at the stunning parrot design that was produced this time last year. This year the true summer vibe comes from the two key collections in the ‘Paradise Colours’ and ‘Love Anchors’. collection




Paradise Colours

Paradise Colours is an impactful women’s collection combining paradisiacal colours with a modern graphic design. The chic designs ooze the boho look with a beautiful play in the collaboration of vibrant, hand set clear stones and a dash of mother-of-pearl that shimmers beautifully with the iridescent abalone. The standout representation from this collection is the Dragonfly. Traditionally a symbol of lightness and transformation, the dragonfly is a great example of Thomas Sabo and their jewellery designed for the summer months.

Adorned with 130 shimmering stones the artistic structure of this pendant will have everyone gazing in awe of not only the beauty, but the attention to detail that is a core ethos of Thomas Sabo. The three-dimensional design is created in silver and an 18ct gold plated finish with both having their own ensemblement of hues in the hand set stones. A showpiece from the Paradise Collection, we predict that this pendant will catch the eyes of many in our store windows.



Love anchor

The collection that holds many symbols, the Love Anchor collection is what we anticipate will be the best gift giving collection for 2019. Throughout the collection you will find anchors and compasses with stunning filigree designs paired with a maritime feel. “Love, Faith and Hope” engravings represent the traditional symbolic sense of the designs. With these kind of sentiments, whether in engraved representations or symbolically designed, the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest can be found.

Our champion piece from the Love Anchor collection is by some standards a simple design, but we feel that sometimes simplicity is not the obvious choice and choice that works so well, but when you analyse this beautiful compass you can see there is far more detail than you first thought. Decorated by hand the stone embellishment is paired with the “Love, Faith, Hope” engraving. The compass is crafted in a feminine way described by Thomas Sabo as to show the way to love.

 ke1849-051-14_mf1 ke1849-051-14


Our Thomas Sabo boutique is staffed with young vibrant people who have a passion for the brand and are thrilled to see the latest collection that will build the displays and theme of the store for the next few months. Courtney who has been with us since the launch of this store has chosen the large dragonfly as her favourite.

“ I particularly love the silver dragonfly, the colourful elements are perfect for summer time and I love to change the length of my pendants wearing them both short and at longer lengths, to match my different outfits, which this piece will do perfectly. Wearing the latest jewellery at work is certainly one my favourite parts of the job.”

Zoe, our newest member of the team has championed the beautiful Bee pieces for this season. “If I was pushed to choose what I love the most then I would choose the Bee set! Because a full set is better than one-piece jewellery. It’s really cute, I like the daintiness and the gold tones and the symbol of happiness that the bee represents.”




Confidence is a must have with any brand that we represent in Thomas Sabo we have the confidence is a key element of any successful partnership and in Thomas Sabo we have the confidence in their designs, craftmanship and longevity. As we grow as a business and grow with Thomas Sabo we know that our boutique will always have a special place in the Thomas Sabo family, and as we enter our 5th season in our Preston store it is great to see how much Thomas Sabo themselves have evolved in this short time. We are certainly excited to see what the future may hold.


To view the full range of the latest Thomas Sabo products please click this link

Danny Bond P.J Dip

The Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 02T Tourbillon Nanograph




In January 2019, Tag Heuer unveiled their latest revolutionary timepiece at the Salon international de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva. The timepiece, Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02T Tourbillon Nanograph is limited to only 500 timepieces worldwide with less than 20 available in the UK.


This innovative development in tourbillon technology has got all watch aficionados excited thanks to Tag Heuer’s ‘avant-garde’ approach to design which with this watch, has exclusively incorporated a never seen before carbon hairspring.


Where has the Nanograph’s name come from?




Carbon is a highly sustainable material which is also extremely lightweight, this is a result of its molecular structure which resembles many joined hexagonal shapes. These shapes are one million times smaller than a millimetre – nanoscopic! The carbon hairspring, crafted for the first time ever by mathematicians, physicists and chemists has been constructed to withstand shocks, magnetic fields and extreme temperatures.


Second to the cutting-edge hairspring, a tourbillion movement is found at the heart of the timepiece. French for whirlwind, the tourbillion movement is arguably one of the most complex movements to craft by hand into a watch.


Why is the tourbillon movement so monumental?

Invented by British clockmaker Thomas Mudge in 1755; the escapement is what holds the most delicate yet important pieces of any mechanical watch including the pallet fork, balance wheel and hairspring. In a normal mechanical timepiece, this escapement is fixed which subjects the balance wheel to the effects of gravity and varies timekeeping dependant on the position of the watch.


Dissimilarly the tourbillons escapement is contained within a rotating cage. The cage allows the movement to enjoy a range of constant motion which effects cancel out any timing variations no matter what position the watch is in.


Prestige is the one of many words that come to mind when I think about this mechanism; which paired with a carbon hairspring allows this timepiece to contend for the most precise mechanical watch on the current market.


The Design




Paying tribute to the inspiring carbon molecular structure, a hexagonal pattern is devoured on the watch’s multi-layered dial, movement and oscillating mass. The hexagons are varied in colour from being sandblasted or fine brushed creating a beautiful mosaic composition.


The neon green glow electrifying the timepiece acknowledges the brazen heritage of the Carrera; driven by motor racing the Carrera was established by Jack Heuer, the great-grandson of Edouard Tag Heuer’s founder. The Carrera was named after Mexico’s most recognised race La Carrera PanAmerica after Jack took interest in the world of racing, particularly the world-famous Rodriguez brothers; Ricardo and Pedro.


Neon green complements the tourbillon movement along with hand and chronograph markers, pushbutton and stitching on the black calfskin leather which has a rubber reverse for extreme wearing comfort.


A tribute to the carbon hairspring is resembled in the tachymeter, case lugs and the deployment buckle which present a stunning design across the pieces.

Watch-winding box






The lavish aura of the Nanograph is enhanced through the complex technology ingrained throughout this extravagant model. An integrated watch winder is embedded into the box that the timepiece comes presented in, this means that even when you aren’t wearing the watch the oscillating mass will continue to keep the balance wheel in motion.Bottom of Form


In conclusion, this timepiece is certainly one for watch enthusiasts however with the capacity to perform to the highest possible accuracy and with a 65-hour power reserve, I think the Nanograph will be a great item for any person to own not just as an investment, but as a day to day watch wearable for any occasion.


The Nanograph is already causing a storm on the watch market and we predict on receipt of the timepiece, it will not take long for any curious enthusiast to snap this watch from our hands, so if you have any enigma surrounding the watch, or want to know more please click this link.


Olivia Brooks


Brand                                    Tag Heuer

Case                                      45mm titanium with black PVD carbon bezel

Movement                           Calibre Heuer 02T

Strap                                     Black calfskin leather and rubber strap

Features                              Chronograph, tourbillon, sapphire crystal, carbon hairspring

Power Reserve                   65 hours

Water resistance                100 metres

Warranty                             2 Years

Price                                     20,750





Oris Dive Control Limited Edition

What you need to know about the Oris Dive Control watch


The latest and greatest limited-edition watch from Oris, Dive Control, is soon to hit our Bury store. Complete with the diving pedigree that encapsulates the Swiss brand’s commitment to producing a premium, usable watch, it is available at a highly competitive price. This watch isn’t just promoted as being water friendly, but actually proves itself to be. Limited to just 500 pieces worldwide, I predict, that with its functionality and striking looks, the Oris Dive Control could well be the professional diving watch of the year.

Assembled in Oris’s headquarters, situated in the village of Hölstein in the North-West of Switzerland, Dive Control has all the features you would expect from an Oris watch – sapphire-crystal glass, a folding clasp, and a Swiss-made movement customised by Oris to the company’s exacting standard. So, what makes this watch different and helps it to stand out from other diving watches?


Patented safety technology


The stand-out feature of this timepiece is the ‘RSS’ or ‘Rotation Safety System’, which is featured on every watch in Oris’s ProDiver collection. This patented component, which Oris has developed, provides a locking system to ensure no movement of the bezel.

Mistakes can be fatal in professional diving. Oris has called upon the the insight and knowledge of Roman Frischknecht, a Swiss commercial diver, to help develop the RSS system. A standard uni-directional bezel is a key tool for divers to gauge time and your current reserve of oxygen – the slightest adjustment to the bezel could affect you massively. This locking system helps to ensure accuracy and creates peace of mind.

Extra safety precautions while diving have been ensured by the bezel, but there are still plenty of diving features as part of the watch. This includes an automatic helium escape valve to regulate the pressure of diving, a screw down crown and pushers to prevent water seepage, and a massive 1000m resistance to water. There’s also a chronograph with three sub-dials on the wave laden dial, which is an added tool to use as you wish.

Quirky styling


For a watch to have commercial success, it needs to have visual appeal to back impressive technology. This is where this watch really comes into its own and gains greater appeal by being a limited series.

A bold combination of black and yellow is eye catching to say the least, especially when paired with the alternative yellow strap. Certain features are also highlighted by white with the yellow on the dial, as readability is essential.

DLC treatment, otherwise known as diamond-like-carbon, has been around for a few years. Oris has dabbled with the robust plating in the past, most famously with its Motor Sport ‘Williams’ collection, but this is the first ProDiver watch to be given this edgy look. At first glance, the 51mm case might appear cumbersome, but the combination of grade 2 titanium for an ultra-lightweight feel, and shortened case lugs, help this watch feel much more at home on the wrist.



Finishing touches


Completing the limited-edition package, Oris supplies each watch head with both the black and yellow rubber strap to fit onto the black DLC folding clasp, with your own professional strap changing tool. Plus, you have the addition of the now famous waterproof presentation case, which is becoming synonymous with Oris’s limited edition ProDiver watches.

To summarise, yes, this is built for professional diving with its large case for readability. Would the average person be using all the features to the Dive Control’s full capacity? Well, probably not. But, in a world where pricing has no rules, I think this watch will make people question what they are actually getting from similar products of other brands. This big handsome brute from Oris is for the purist, the collector, the person that wants to stand out from the crowd. And, in doing so, they know that their watch is more than up to the job of doing whatever life throws at it.

To find out more about the Dive Control watch, please click this link.

Danny Bond P.J Dip





Grade 2 titanium with diamond-like-carbon

Strap style Rubber
Style ProDiver watch
Features Rotation Safety System bezel, DLC coating, chronograph, limited edition
Case size 51mm
Movement Automatic winding chronograph: Oris 774, base SW 500
Supplier code 01 774 7727 7784-Set
Water resistance 1000m



3 Years

The history Raymond Weil and our longstanding relationship

Raymond Weil is an independent watch maker from Genève Switzerland. Renowned throughout the industry as one of the top luxury brands in the world they are a driving force in the watch and jewellery world in 2019 with innovative designs and a close tie to the music industry and this is our story of a relationship between two independent companies.


When you think of an independent business, you think of family, passion and desire to succeed. Independent means freedom from outside control, private ownership and that the roots of the company and brand can be personally traced back to its foundation and to personal thoughts and feelings. This passionate mentality can often be seen throughout an independent business, as you can put a face to all the names involved, people who know they can make a genuine contribution to a company who welcomes them in to the family.  It is no surprise, therefore that Peter Jackson the Jeweller is just as passionate about the independent watchmaker Raymond Weil as they were some twenty-five years ago.

rw-weil-bernheim-family-hd Raymond Weil Bottom pictured with his son in-law Olivier Bernheim and grandsons, Elie Bernheim (right), the current CEO and Pierre Bernheim (Left)


Twenty-five years is a long time in anybody’s lifetime, let alone in business, as relationships form and change and even end. “It’s not personal, it’s strictly business.” as the saying goes.  However, one relationship within the independent sector that has stood through this time, with economic highs and lows, and an ever-changing industry is the relationship with Raymond Weil. With like-minded values and the belief that luxury products and luxury service go hand in hand, these two businesses work seamlessly with each other.


Raymond Weil founded his company in 1976 in what was a tumultuous time for the Swiss watch market due to the development of quartz technology. It was not going to be easy from the start, however, it was passion which was the key ingredient to the success of his self-named brand. Music has also always been cited as a source of inspiration for Raymond Weil ever since the companies’ foundation.  Fast forward all the way to 2018 after another successful year at Baselworld, the most prestigious watch and jewellery trade show in the world, and it is evident that music is still a key passion from the family owned watchmaker.



Although music may seem like an unlikely muse for the craft of watchmaking, both watchmaking and music are true art forms that require outstanding skill, dedication and hours of love and labour to achieve perfection. When you have mastered your craft, your creations will resonate with people for a lifetime, and evoke feelings of emotion and passion in themselves. With music, it is clear to see how this pure artform inspired Raymond Weil and continues to motivate the company to this day as they openly state themselves “Music has always been an essential part of Raymond Weil’s DNA. With over 35 years of involvement in the music industry across all genres, the Swiss watchmaker composes its timepieces the way musicians compose their chef d’oeuvres.”

29541663_1711568848897809_8730182579341032828_n Our visits to Baselworld over the years. Pictured bottom left and right with Raymond Weil and top picture with Elie Bernheim.


At Peter Jackson the Jeweller we believe it is important to give the same level of luxury service to every customer and to enthuse about the products which we sell and this is why Raymond Weil has been a part of our company for so long. We see a family business much like ours, who themselves want to provide luxury at an affordable price. They want to provide a product with history and quality that has true integrity and a genuine story behind each and every piece. It is this kind of dedication and belief that makes us adore their product. It is with this ethos that we can passionately sell their product.  Raymond Weil gives us talking points, unique selling attributes and products that are hard to beat on price for the love and workmanship that has gone into each and every piece. Perhaps above all we share mutual respect and appreciation. The people who work for Raymond Weil are much like our team, they are enthusiastic, loyal and work for the same common goal as we do. We feel their family business is bonded to our family business and with this it is no surprise that twenty-five years has passed and we still have strong personal ties to this day.


On 27 January 2014, Raymond Weil Genève announced that Raymond, much loved and admired by so many had died. Leaving behind a strong legacy throughout the watch industry. It all started when he got a diploma in commerce, he then entered Camy Watch S.A. – a Swiss watchmaker in 1949 where he became manager and spent 26 years of his life. As part of his legacy, Mr Weil had ties to several high positions in various professional organisations: he was President of the Geneva Watchmaker Union, Vice-President of the Watchmaking Industry Training Centre (CFH), and member of the Watchmaking Federation (FH) and other employers’ associations. Until 1995, he was also President of the Exhibitors Committee of the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Fair. You can see a short interview with Mr Raymond Weil by clicking this link here.


With the loss of Raymond Weil, his business was left in very safe hands. In 1982, at the request of Mr Weil, his son in-law Olivier Bernheim joined the company cementing the ethos of a family run business.


Olivier helped the Raymond Weil brand grow into a worldwide respected name in the Swiss watch industry, he wanted to strive to develop the image of his father in-law’s brand. Olivier would restructure many aspects of the brand as he drove them into the international market, but always keen to preserve the company’s family identity. In 1996 Olivier would be become President and CEO of Raymond Weil Genève. His strategy has never changed to this day. He is insistent that Raymond Weil will continue with the introduction of new, increasingly sophisticated mechanical timepieces, along with the development of entry-level collections, and a wider-reaching communication strategy.


In 2018 Olivier Bernheim continues to push the boundaries for Raymond Weil based in Geneva Switzerland with ambitions to reinforce the Brand’s presence in key markets such as China, India and Russia, which represent huge potential. Much like Mr Weil, he cites Music and family as two key passions in his life, and states that he always tries to find the time to listen to Opera music. At this time, he is now joined in the company by his sons Elie Bernheim, the current CEO and Pierre Bernheim (Director). Olivier’s sons joined the company in 2006 to establish the third generation into the independent family run business and their passion for watches and music is evident to see much like their father and Grandfather.


Elie as well as being proficient in watchmaking, marketing and business management, also has a professional diploma in cello. Whilst being in charge of the global branding, Elie has brought a youthful modern edge to the brand, which can be seen over the last few years as Raymond Weil continue to develop and increase their portfolio of the Icon’s of Music collections, so far working with names such as The Beatles, David Bowie, Les Paul Gibson Guitars, Bob Marley, Marshall Amps and AC/DC to name a few, along with their many sponsorships of music related events such as The Brit Awards.



At Peter Jackson the Jeweller, we are proud to showcase not only a product that we love, but also a brand that we love. A brand much like ours, independent, family owned, family run, passionate and inspirational. If you would like to learn more about Raymond Weil and the stunning products on offer click the link below to see our very own hand selected range from one of the top independent authorised dealerships in the UK, or call into any of our four stores to speak to our passionate people about the fascinating, independent family watch brand Raymond Weil.


Danny Bond P.J Dip


Finding the perfect gift for him

Finding the perfect gift – for him


When it comes to special occasions finding the perfect gift can be tricky, especially if you don’t know where to start.


If you’re struggling to find the perfect piece of men’s jewellery, we’ve put some top tips together that can help steer you in the right direction.


Think about their interests


Keep in mind the interests of the person you’re buying for. This might help narrow down your choices of brands and designs. For example, if you are buying for someone who is a fan of sailing you might opt for brands or pieces that really showcase a nautical theme.


Some watches for example often appeal to different interest groups, for instance if you’re buying a gift for someone who is a fan of motor racing or luxury cars you tend to find a lot of F1 teams and luxury car brands do special edition watches such as TAG Heuer with their sponsorship of Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin.



Tying your choice of gift into an interest is a really great way to make that present resonate with someone more and shows that you know what they enjoy.


What do they normally wear?


With jewellery there’s a huge amount of choice. From necklets and bracelets to rings, cufflinks and watches.


Think about who you’re buying your gift for and the types of jewellery they already wear. There’s little sense in buying a bracelet for someone if you suspect that they are never going to wear it, you should instead try and think of pieces that will complement their lifestyle.


Someone who wears a suit every day for example, might appreciate some new cufflinks that will let them change at least a small part of what they wear. Whereas if someone enjoys extreme sports or outdoors hobbies you might look at watches that can endure being submerged underwater, or smart watches that can track and monitor the wearer’s activity.


Keeping the overall style of someone in mind is also key. Within each type of jewellery there’s so much choice and variation, but you want to choose something that will have immediate appeal.


Look at the pieces someone already owns, this can often give you a guide as to what sort of jewellery they like, from pieces that incorporate leather and more natural looking designs to simple understated pieces or more extravagant attention-grabbing jewellery. Tying into someone’s existing style is a great way to give a gift that someone can fit into their existing wardrobe and start enjoying.


More than a simple gift?


Some gifts take on a much more personal and sentimental tone. Maybe your gift isn’t just for Christmas but is supposed to mark a special occasion or an event.


Engraving and personalisation can add a meaningful touch. Adding an important date or message to a piece of jewellery makes it extra special. This is a great extra option to consider if you want your gift to mark an important event or anniversary such as a birthday or wedding, with our Thomas Sabo range being a great place to look for these engravable gifts, or a more classic gift such as a pair of Links of London cufflinks.


If your gift is to mark a special occasion, and you want it to be perfect this is where a professional jeweller can help you find a unique piece that will be a precious keepsake.



Helping you find the perfect gift this Christmas


Our instore experts with years of experience are always on hand to help find the perfect purchase. Emma our Preston store manger says “To not offer a range of gents jewellery seems old fashioned, during my time working in the watch and jewellery industry we have seen fashion become an integral part of our trade as it has become the norm for men to wear more jewellery and be up to date with fashion just as much as our female customers. This year the Hugo Boss watch and cufflink has been a hot item for Christmas showing the fashionable name to be as enticing to our clients as any other watch or jewellery brand.”


We hope this has helped you to narrow down the variety of gifts available in order to find the perfect piece for your loved one.


If you need more help, or want more guidance and information to help you make the right choice why not call in to our stores and speak to one of our experts? We’re on hand to help you pick the perfect present and are more than happy to talk through your different options in more detail.


To find your nearest Peter Jackson the Jeweller, or to get in touch with a member of our team you can visit our contact page.



An evening at Peter Jackson

In September we invited a number of local bloggers to our Preston store for our first ever blogger event. This was an opportunity to showcase our diamonds, charms and to celebrate our work with Thomas Sabo.


We transformed the store, setting up a number of different stations. These showcased different services and helped bloggers to see where a lot of the stones for our pieces come from.


The stations included:


  • Photography Station– helping to capture all the action and glamour of the event.


  • Sparkle Station– showcasing our cleaning and refurbishment service, we let the bloggers bring their favourite jewellery or heirloom to get a little TLC.


  • Diamond Station– we showcased our collection of unique natural coloured diamonds, one of Earth’s most beautiful and rare creations.


  • Mining Station– a fun competition with prizes on offer, we helped the bloggers to understand just how difficult it is to spot a real diamond.


  • Gem Identification– there are so many rare and stunning gemstones. We challenged our guests to see how many they could identify.


  • Personalisation Station– we gave each of guests their own Thomas Sabo charm then allowed them to customise them with a laser engraving.


  • Makeover Station – everyone loves to feel pampered, so we even set up one on one time with our professional make-up artist, Sonara Parker.




Team members from across all our stores were on hand to make sure everyone was having fun and enjoying themselves and they really outdid themselves in putting on a fantastic event.


From a champagne reception and delicious food courtesy of Bite Club to the overall atmosphere this was a fantastic night that allowed some of the blogger to meet in person for the first time.


The bloggers all had a great time and came away with a goody bag including their Thomas Sabo charm alongside other treats as a thank you for attending.

Following on from the event some of the bloggers shared their thoughts online:


Very wrongly, I had assumed that Peter Jackson was one such huge corporation, and the name was just that, a brand title like Jack Wills or Miss Selfridge. He is, in fact, a very real and lovely person with an MBE for services to charity, and a huge passion for jewellery, which he displays through 4 stores in the North West: Preston, Bury, Blackburn, and Carlisle. – What Lyd Did


I met so many lovely people from bloggers, to the staff working at the event and even Peter Jackson himself was there! It was so nice to meet Peters team of staff and they all seemed to enjoy the event as much as we did. – Alice Jane Potter




I had a great chat with one of the staff members about how jewellery usually is a gift and how they provide such a great story when you think of them. That’s what so good about it. I look at my different pieces of jewellery and they all have a memory and story to tell. – Tutsilife


Everyone that we spoke to from the Peter Jackson team echoed a similar warmth and sincere passion for their respective roles, not to mention an absolute wealth of knowledge. – The British Betty



If you want to see the charms the blogger’s received as gifts, or the other pieces available visit our Thomas Sabo page, or if you want to learn more about the Preston store and its team visit their store page.




Peter Jackson the Jeweller this year celebrates 30 years serving the people of Blackburn and Lancashire and as part of the celebrations are building a spectacular new store in Blackburn’s The Mall shopping centre.

“We have been on the current site for 30 years” explains Managing Director, Peter Jackson “and when an opportunity arose to move to what is now the busiest sector of the shopping centre and a unit double the size, we moved quickly to secure a deal.”

The new Peter Jackson the Jeweller will bring an exciting and vibrant offer to the old Ed’s Diner unit close to Next and River Island.


In addition to the fabulous collections of diamond and gold jewellery, wedding rings and watches, the new Peter Jackson the Jeweller will include mini boutiques from leading Swiss watch brands TAG Heuer, Rado and Raymond Weil as well as showcasing the jewellery collections of Thomas Sabo, Gucci, Clogau, Links of London and Michael Kors.

Shopfitters start on site on Monday 1st October and the new store will open in early November.

How to pick the perfect wedding ring

So you have your beautiful venue booked, the dream dress purchased, colour scheme agreed, tasted the most delicious food, organised your bridesmaids and ushers, selected the best photographer and all the other hundred and one things you need to do, to have the most perfect day of your lives but what about your wedding rings…?

Wedding rings are the most significant piece you keep after your wedding and you look at every day for the rest of your life. They are a symbol of your love for one another and represent the commitment you have made to spend the rest of your lives together. Your wedding ring will become one of your most prized possessions as it holds the most magical memories. At Peter Jackson we understand the importance of this and want to help you find the perfect ring.

Our wedding ring selection is from a London based company, Brown & Newirth, who were established in 1967. They have been handcrafting rings for over 50 years and provide a lifetime care package with each ring to treasure your memories forever. Choosing a wedding ring can feel like a daunting task but with our helpful steps and questions we intend to make it the easiest purchase on your wedding checklist.




Choosing the metal

Firstly your engagement ring does not need to be the same metal as your wedding ring. It is an old wives tale that if you have two different types of metals together they will wear each other away, this is not true. Any metal will wear over a very long period of time however if you take care of it, it will last a life time.

The most important factor to consider when choosing a metal is your lifestyle or profession as you want your ring to last forever. For example a builder will need a stronger metal to withstand damage so choose platinum, palladium or titanium. A hair dresser, white gold would not be suitable as it has a rhodium coating to make it bright white which strong chemicals can easily remove.



Picking your style

This is the fun bit! Everyone has their own unique take on jewellery and this is why we offer so many different options. There is no wrong or right when it comes to ‘what is a wedding ring’. The first examples of wedding rings were from ancient Egyptians from over 600 years ago and they were made from woven reeds. Your wedding rings represent a circle of eternity and the love between you both. The tradition of wearing it on your left hand comes from people believing a special vein ran from it to your heart.

A wedding ring can be any colour metal, any shape, style or width. It can be sparkling with diamonds, adorned with gemstones or plain and simplistic. When you visit us in store we will help you discover which ring will be perfect for you by getting to know you both as a couple and your individual tastes. We can work to any budget and we also offer payment plans as we know a wedding can be expensive, we are here to help in every way we can.




“ I can’t find a ring that sits nicely with my engagement ring!!”

Don’t panic! We work alongside a fantastic design company who will make you a unique, handmade ring to fit snugly with your engagement ring. We can have a wax ring model and hand drawn images sent to the store before you make your decision too. In the future this can also be replicated into an eternity ring too! They will also design your dream ring if we don’t have it. I have seen them make Tiffany inspired rings or designs customers have created themselves from handcrafted drawings or just from their imagination. Anything is possible!


Most of our wedding rings can be engraved with special messages or the date of your perfect day. This can be done on the inside of the band to keep it precious to you or the outside to show the world. We can now even have your loved ones finger print laser engraved on the inside of your band so you have piece of them wherever you go. All boxes can have a special personalised plaque attached with anything engrave, whether its rings, or wedding gifts, these can be kept and cherished forever.



All of our Brown & Newirth rings come with a TLC promise package. This offers resizing (where possible), refurbishing and engraving. All you need to do is bring your ring and your paperwork to us and we will take care of the rest.

As a family run company that has been established for over 30 years we pride ourselves on customer care. Old, new or bought elsewhere we will always do our up most to help you take care of your precious jewellery. We offer cleaning and refurbishment in store. We can repair any jewellery and have it restored to its former beauty.


I hope these helpful tips and information help you to find your perfect ring and you are more than welcome to pop in and see me for any further help or advice. I have over 7 years experience in the jewellery trade and I love meeting excited couples planning their big day! I am still coming up with new combinations of rings and being inspired by people like you. To everyone who has read this I hope you have the most magical happy ever after.

Sian Gibson PJ Dip


Trick or Treat? The perfect Halloween accessories!

The origins of trick or treating and dressing up were in the 16th century in Ireland, Scotland and Wales where people went door-to-door in costume asking for food in exchange for a poem or song. Many dressed up as souls of the dead and were understood to be protecting themselves from the spirits by impersonating them. Over time, Halloween has evolved into a day of activities like trick-or-treating and carving pumpkins.

As the days grow shorter and nights get colder, people continue to celebrate Halloween with gatherings, sweet treats and both children and adults dressing up in frightening masks and costumes.




With the spooky season just around the corner, get in the Halloween spirit and ‘treat’ yourself to a frightfully fabulous piece jewellery!

This playful pumpkin will make a delightful addition to your Thomas Sabo karma bracelet.





Out with the old, in with the bold. These Thomas Sabo Victorian crosses are the ultimate sweet treats!






If there’s something strange in the neighbourhood, who you gonna call? Ghost busters!

Shop the Gucci Ghost look here.







Take off into the night with the bold, stylish Thomas Sabo skull collection.