Go for gold! Gold, rose gold or white gold. What is your preference?

Gold is a truly sumptuous and luxurious metal. From simple small studs to elegantly designed collarets gold is used to make a variety of different pieces of jewellery.

The rarity of gold and its physical properties have made gold on of the earths prized natural resources. Golds in its natural state is highly valuable, it is yellow and very soft. It is not usually used to make fine jewellery or intricate objects due to its malleable properties.


24 carat gold in its natural state

In order to make gold more robust and wearable it is alloyed with other metals giving it a slightly warmer yellow tone. The term ‘carat’ indicates the amount of gold present in an alloy. 24-carat is pure gold, but very soft. 18 carat and 9 carat gold alloys are more commonly used because they are more durable.


18carat gold

18 carat gold contains 18 parts pure gold, 75%. Therefore hallmarked 750. The additional 25% is made up of other metal alloys used to strengthen the metal.

18ct gold is slightly warmer in colour than 9ct and contains a higher quantity of ‘pure’ gold, therefore higher in value.

9 carat gold

9 carat gold contains 9 parts pure gold, 37.5% and hallmarked 375. 9ct gold is slightly more affordable as the percentage of other metal alloys is greater than those present in 18ct gold.

Subtle and elegant this 18 carat gold George Jensen abstract heart necklace is sure to stand the test of time. The warm yellow tones will add subtle splash of colour to your autumnal wardrobe.




There is no such thing as white, red, pink or rose gold, but these colours can be created by using other elements alloyed with gold.

Rose Gold (pink gold)

Rose gold is becoming an increasingly popular metal choice. The alloys present in rose gold include copper, which lends itself to the beautiful pinkish colour of rose gold.

Rose gold varies from a dark reddish colour to a subtle pink depending on the percentage of copper present when alloyed with ‘pure’ gold.

Pretty, pink and feminine our rose gold pieces are sure to add a chic look to our jewellery collection.



White Gold

The colour of white gold varies dependant on the percentage of white metals used in the formation process. White gold is created by alloying other metals such as silver and palladium with ‘pure’ gold to create its white lustre. White gold can vary from a clean white to a dull grey colour.

White gold is finished with a coating of rhodium to give it that bright silvery white colour.

White gold accentuates the sparkle and brilliance of diamonds as it doesn’t reflect colour through the stone and allows those who prefer the look of silver-coloured metal to honour tradition without compromising on beauty.











Octobers Lustful Birthstone, Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline is the most popular birthstone for October; this blissful birthstone will make a delightful edition to your jewellery collection. The pink hues of the tourmaline will add bursts of colour to the simplest of outfits.

Pink tourmaline is believed to influx of love, joy and happiness into your life.


Pink tourmaline in its rough state.

Pink tourmaline has played and intriguing part in royal history. The deep rich pink/red colour of tourmaline had many people fooled. Back in 1926 Cesar’s “Ruby” necklace was part in the Russian crown jewels. However later that year a professor made a breath-taking discovery! The “ruby” necklace was in fact rubelite (red tourmaline).

As well as the October birthstone tourmaline is used to commemorate an 8th wedding anniversary.


Tourmaline can be found in an array of colours, from rich reds, deep blues and even green! An extremely rare form of tourmaline is the Pariba tourmaline, found in Brazil. The richness in colour of the Pariba tourmaline displays similarities to a blue sapphire.

FACT: Tourmaline comes from toramalli, which means “mixed gems” in Sinhala, one of the languages of Sri Lanka.

One of our favourite pieces of jewellery is designed by a gentleman called, Sheldon Bloomfield. Encapsulating the green, colourless and pink tourmaline, this ‘watermelon’ tourmaline creates a truly mesmerising piece of jewellery.



Our bespoke Sheldon Bloomfield collections are available to view in our stores.


Simple gift ideas: The Thomas Sabo pink and white bracelet co-ordinates perfectly with the pink October birthstone charm.


No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart. Showcase your beautiful Anais birthstone charms in a clear heart locket.




Forevermark Diamonds – Beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced

Here at Peter Jackson The Jeweller we adore our magnificent Forevermark diamonds.

Forevermark diamonds are hand selected for their beauty and rarity meaning only one percent of the worlds diamonds are eligible to become Forevermark. Forevermark inscribe their diamonds with a unique number that is invisible to the naked eye. This number represents the three-fold promise: that the diamond is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced.


Every Forevermark diamond is as unique as a glistening snowflake and carries the Forevermark three-fold promise.

♥ Unspoken promises are imparted when you hold hands with those you never want to let go. A true promise will never be broken ♥





Ruby – July’s sumptuous birthstone


Rubies are the birthstone of July; the rich red sparkle of a ruby is truly encapsulating and is sure to bring the wearer great happiness. They are considered ‘The king of gems’ and are believed to bestow good fortune on their owner.

Rubies are the most valuable members of the corundum family which includes the precious gemstones rubies and sapphires. The red colour of a ruby is caused by an element within called Chormium. The value of a ruby increases based on its colour and quality; the richer the red of the ruby the more you will pay for this exquisite stone.

With a hardness of 9.0 on the MOS scale ruby is the third hardest natural gemstone, with only moissanite and diamond being harder.

As well as marking the birthstone for July, ruby is used to commemorate 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

Fact: The word ruby comes from ruber, the latin word for red.


We love the Clogau Gold poppy collection. Adorned with diamonds and rubies the Welsh Poppy pendant captures the beauty of the iconic flower.



The effortless style of these rose gold and gem set pieces flaunt the rich rubies in a subtle rub over setting.




Simple gift ideas: The Thomas Sabo red and white bracelet co-ordinates perfectly with the red July birthstone charm.



Our pick of the top 5 luxury watch brands

From everyday style to the perfect suit accompaniment, our top five picks are sure help you on your way to choosing the perfect watch.


Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer are renowned for their craftsmanship and attention to detail. They were founded in 1860 and have been pushing the boundaries of precision watch making for the past 150 years. They have been at the forefront of Swiss watchmaking, with every one of their watches passing through rigorous quality control.

The collections within the TAG Heuer range include; Carrera, Aquaracer, Monaco, Connected 45, Formula 1 and the Link. Each collection being unique and offering slightly different style and technology to the other.


The TAG Heuer Carrera is a very neat and sophisticated watch. Its clear dial and day/date window make a sleek, uncomplicated timepiece. Available in both ladies and gents these TAG Heuer Carrera watches make a perfect pair.



Innovative, enduring and hypoallergenic, Rado watches offer unique styling along with excellent Swiss craftmanship. Their smooth stylish surfaces can be metallic or matte, crafted in an ever-expanding array of colours. The lightweight and hypoallergenic properties of the high-tech ceramic make them incredibly comfortable and can be worn by anyone with sensitive skin. The scratch resistant properties ensure with a bit of TLC they look as good as new day in day out!!




The Rado Ceramica is a truly striking timepiece. The linear edges and bold black ceramic complete with subtle rose gold and diamond detailing, make this timepiece stand alone.


Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil are a family run company founded in 1976 and are one of the flagships within the Swiss watch making industry. They are well known for having strong ties within the music industry. Raymond Weil pride themselves on their precision and attention to detail. Combining their astounding craftsmanship with their Swiss watch making excellence they are able to produce traditional, highly sophisticated timepieces.

The Raymond Weil Maestro Buddy Holly watch is a perfect example of Raymond Weil’s affiliation within the music industry.


To pay tribute to ‘The Founder of Rock and Roll’ and celebrate his 80th birthday, Raymond Weil have produced the limited-edition Buddy Holly watch. This classic timepiece features a logo of Buddy Holly’s sunglasses on the second hand, his signature under the Raymond Weil logo and an oversized number 9, as Holly classed this as his lucky number. The reverse of the watch features a smoked sapphire crystal glass with the logo of Buddy Holly’s Educational Foundation. A contribution from each watch sold will be donated to the Buddy Holly Educational Foundation.



Gucci are leading the way within the fashion industry. Their unique fashion led designs and attention to detail combined with their Swiss watch making excellence sees Gucci producing the most iconic statement accessories. Whilst maintaining their classic Italian feel Gucci have re vamped the brand under the guidance of their new creative director Alessandro Michele.




Inspired by street art, Trouble Andrew, a graffiti artist from New York was invited to collaborate with Gucci. He was first acknowledged by Gucci’s Alessandro Michele after branding the streets of New York with the iconic GG logo. His Gucci Ghost collection includes extravagant designs that are vibrant and mood pleasing.


The new Gucci G-Timeless has a slightly more contemporary feel, with its embossed leather dial and strap.  Co-coordinating perfectly with the leather Gucci handbags.



Established in 1853 Tissot has continued to develop the brand keeping their traditional values at the forefront of the watch making process. The Le Locle watch pays homage to Tissot’s heritage. The warm rose colours combined with the bold black dial and strap give the watch a truly classical feel. Complete with a Swiss automatic movement and sapphire crystal glass Tissot watches offer exceptional value for money.


This ladies Bridgeport watch is a mixture of rose gold and stainless steel, delicately encasing a beautiful white mother of pearl dial. Complete with a Swiss quartz movement.





Our guide to finding your perfect diamond shape

Diamonds are a truly timeless piece of jewellery that will last you a lifetime!

Understandably it may seem like a mine field when you are choosing your diamond ring. There are so many factors to take into consideration who would have thought it could be so complicated!!!

Don’t panic! We are here to ease the pressure and guide you through the array of shapes, helping you to find your perfect match!



Round Brilliant Diamonds

The round brilliant diamond dates back to the 17th century, it is one of the more traditional diamond shapes when choosing an engagement ring. The round brilliant has developed dramatically from the original 17 facets, later increased to 33 facets. The modern round brilliant now has 58 (including the culet) facets! These facets refract the light creating a beautiful vibrant sparkle.


The round brilliant is the most favourable shape for enhancing colour (lack of colour) and makes for a truly timeless piece of jewellery.

Oval Diamonds

The oval shape diamond is a take on the round brilliant, it’s brilliance and lustre is very similar. The length of the stone often makes the diamond appear larger and accentuates long slender fingers. The oval shape adds a slightly vintage feel and pairs up beautifully with the round brilliant shoulder stones.


Princess Diamonds

The princess cut is a relatively new diamond cut, having been created in the 1960s and is the second most popular choice to the round brilliant. The clean edges and pointed corners create a striking centre stone giving the ring an ultra-modern look diamond is the most popular non-rounded stone.


Cushion Diamonds

The modern cushion cut has given new life to a style that was popular in the 1800s. The cushion cut diamond has a slightly softer feel to it than the sharp edges of the princess cut diamond. It combines the squareness of the princess cut with rounded corners, much like a pillow.


Cushions come in a variety of different styles with the older styles having larger facets. Creating a striking effect as the light shines through the stone, allowing greater separation of white light, dispersing dazzling colours.

Emerald Diamonds

Similar to the oval cut a rectangular emerald cut diamond elongates the finger and creates a fabulous show stopping piece of jewellery. The long linear facets of the emerald cut highlight the stones clarity and create a hall-of-mirrors effect.

With its parallel edges and clean lines, the emerald cut has a truly vintage feel to it.


Emerald cut diamonds are available in square and rectangular shape.

Pear Shape Diamonds

Pear shape diamonds, sometimes referred to as a tear drops are truly fascinating. They are a combination of a marquise and round brilliant stone.


The pear shape offers a great alternative to the more traditional shapes. They aren’t as popular as the other shapes and you’ll be sure to make a standout and unique statement.

Marquise Diamonds 

The marquise diamond is a truly unique shape, the length of the stone helps the fingers to appear slenderer whilst giving the illusion that the stone is larger than its overall carat weight. The marquise stone looks ultra-glam when it is set in a high setting allowing light to enter the stone from all angles, whilst showcasing it’s beauty.


Marquise Diamonds are also occasionally called Navette, meaning “small ship” in French.

Heart Shape Diamonds 

The heart shape diamond is a prominent symbol of love. Symmetry plays a key part when the diamond is cut and a smaller diamond may be harder to differentiate the shape. Ideally a diamond of 0.50ct or more will preserve the heart shape outline better.


Have you found your perfect match? Or are you still undecided? Not to worry!! Call into one of our stores and browse our full collection at your leisure.

Pearls – June’s Timeless Birthstone

Classic, elegant and sophisticated the pearl makes a truly timeless piece of jewellery.

The way in which a pearl is formed is truly fascinating! They are the only jewels created by a living animal; Saltwater pearls are found in oysters and freshwater in mussels.

  • 95% of pearls are cultured freshwater pearls, found in fresh water sources such as rivers and streams. Cultured saltwater pearls are found in the depths of the ocean and are harder to source than freshwater pearls.
  • Most of the pearls harvested today are ‘cultured’ as it has become extremely difficult to harvest ‘natural’ pearls due to changes in our environment.
  • Pearls derive their iridescence from the inner elements of the molluscs. They can vary from white and ivory to pink, black, purple and even gold!
  • Every pearl is unique and every pearl has imperfections, or as we like to call them “natures birth mark.”

FACT: The word pearl derives from a Latin word for the thigh-bone, which had been given to a thigh-shaped mollusc


Celebrate in style this month with our enchanting pearls. The glorious iridescent lustre of the pearl will compliment any outfit!

Combined with the distinctive Tree of Life filigree the simple Clogau Gold, silver and rose gold pearl pendant and earrings add a unique touch to the simplistic pearl.


We love the versatility of this uncomplicated pearl Thomas Sabo Charm Club bracelet. From moving house, to birthday celebrations, we have a charm for every occasion.
















Choosing your Wedding Jewellery this Season

From classic silhouettes through to pieces that truly break the mold, our collection of jewellery offers something for every bride. Marrying exquisite pearl & crystal detailing, you will be able to find yourself the most beautiful wedding necklace, bracelet, or pair of wedding earrings. From simple pearl designs to more statement diamond pieces, we’ve got the most beautiful selection of both.

Here are a few of our favourite wedding jewellery designs…


If you’re wearing your hair down on your wedding day you can afford to go slightly longer with an earring so that it will still be seen. Drop earrings are a beautiful option, and we have a beautiful selection here at Peter Jackson. A pearl design will make the ultimate classy statement, or you could consider a more modern rose gold design like the pair below. Here are but a few…



No matter what style your dress is, it will look even better with a diamond necklace. Timeless, elegant, and with the perfect amount of drama, a diamond necklace is exactly what your wedding day deserves. For something different, why not try a drop pendant, for added length. This can be both unique and could even slim your figure. Here are a few of the favourites from our extensive ranges…



For the bracelet, we have to recommend Thomas Sabo. The delicate designs you can see below are not only elegant and pretty, they’re all massively affordable and versatile. A dainty Thomas Sabo bracelet will effortlessly compliment your dress, without overpowering it or stealing the show.


The final rule for you to follow is to always match your jewellery to your dress. Don’t let accessories overpower, but rather enhance. If you want any advice, please feel free to visit us in store, or give us a call.


Free Summer Bracelet with any Thomas Sabo Purchase!

We are offering a Thomas Sabo Charm Club Bracelet as a FREE gift with any Thomas Sabo purchase over £115! This is because the bracelet makes a perfect gift for loved ones – and if their birthday is coming up, you can get two gifts for the price of one!


Thomas Sabo Summer Charm Bracelet from the Charm Club Collection is worth £45 and will add a beautiful touch to any jewellery collection. You can bring in the summer in style. This very special sterling silver charm bracelet with a lobster clasp fastening features a turquoise stone set design disc and can be personalised with your own pretty individual charms.

Here at Peter Jackson the Jeweller, we have a number of beautiful Thomas Sabo pieces, that suit all tastes and budgets. With the tagline “Time for a difference”, Thomas Sabo is a watch and jewellery design company that take a different look on style. Founded in 1984, Thomas Sabo was the brainchild of the man who gave his name to the brand, which started off in jewellery, and then expanded outwards into the production of beautiful watches.

Whether you decide on a new watch, a delicate bangle bracelet, or a cute chunky ring… you can’t go wrong with Thomas Sabo, and with this FREE gift included, this is an offer not to be missed!

Taking your Jewellery on Holiday

Summer is here, and so are the summer holidays! If you’re going away this summer, you may have questions about what jewellery to take with you, what to leave behind and how to pack your special pieces.

Don’t leave your accessory plan to the last minute. Instead, start by checking out these handy tips:

What to bring and what to leave at home…

No matter where you’re travelling to or for how long, a holiday is a break from daily stress and worries, so try not to take anything that you’re particularly going to worry about losing. It’s best to leave expensive, valuable jewellery at home and in a safe place unless they’re a key part of your outfit for a special event on your trip – for example if your trip is for a wedding etc.

But don’t limit yourself too much, a vacation’s a great time to accessorise and expand your jewellery wardrobe so you should include some inexpensive basic pieces. You can find plenty of costume jewellery on the high street that will keep you looking dressy without having to worry about losing expensive pieces.

By packing a few neutral pieces that will go with every outfit, you’ll keep yourself covered. A pair of small hoop or stud earrings, a delicate pendant and a bangle or bracelet that will work with multiple outfits. A chunky, statement necklace will dress up even your most basic travel outfit.

What about wedding and engagement rings?

Depending on your destination and activities, it’s often best to leave your engagement ring at home and wear just your more subtle wedding band.  If both are as valuable as each other, consider swapping them out for a less expensive, but equally meaningful travel ring on your wedding finger. Consider a look-a-like ring, featuring cubic zirconia rings or crystal, that can play the part of your more precious diamond jewellery.

If you do choose to travel with any fine jewellery, this is a good time to set up insurance for those pieces if you haven’t already.

How to pack 

To avoid tangling your necklaces and bracelets, or losing an earring, here we have some simple methods for packing for your trip:

Firstly, if you travel a lot, you should maybe consider a travel jewellery organiser, with compartments to keep your items organised and free from tangles and scratching.

Another method is using pill boxes. Daily pill boxes used to manage weekly medication doses are the perfect size for storing earrings, rings and even smaller bracelets and necklaces. By putting just one item in a box, everything stays tangle-free and organised and you have all your jewellery in one place.

Another great tip is to use a straw to avoid tangling. Slipping the end of your necklaces through one end of a drinking straw and closing the clasp, will keep it safe and tangle free. For chunky necklaces, follow the same process using a toilet-paper tube or something similar.

If you’re flying, pack jewellery in your hand-luggage, as checked bags have a much greater chance of getting lost.

You’re taking a vacation to relax and unwind and to get away from your daily routine. Keep your jewellery picks simple and leave the really expensive pieces as home, or you may struggle to relax.