The MoD announcement from Bremont

Coming out of another successful ‘Townhouse’ in London, Bremont have announced many exciting new lines to add to their already impressive collections, but one new collection of watches has got the whole watch and jewellery industry talking.

Bremont proudly announced that they are entering into a partnership with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) honouring Her Majesty’s Armed Forces to create the ‘Armed Forces Collection’. This three-piece collection will be the first time that a civilian will be able to purchase an official Bremont Military timepiece.


What to expect from the Armed Forces Collection

Over many years Bremont have worked closely with the armed forces to produce many specially commissioned projects at the request of personnel from all branches of the British armed forces. Bremont’s reputation for producing products that are ‘tested beyond endurance’ is what makes their watches widely recognised as the go-to product for the military.

Supplying products that are fit for purpose is key, but Bremont have been recognised for their discretion and patriotism. Nick English, who co- founded the brand in 2002 with his brother Giles stated on the press release regarding this new partnership, “It is difficult to think of a more significant recognition that has been received by Bremont in the 12 years since we sold our first watch.”

Harking back to the historical past of the British military, Bremont have drawn inspiration from the original ‘Dirty Dozen’ watches as the focal point for the three new designs. We love selling products that have a story and Bremont tell the best stories in the business.


The Dirty Dozen

During World War 2, Britain’s Ministry of Defence commissioned a series of wristwatches to be issued to the British Army. Strict specification was needed for the timing to be of chronometer standard, as well as being robust in the casing that also included water proofing. One of the other key features was the need for luminous markers and with all of these features the Dirty Dozen were created, with 12 different watch brands each producing their version of the needed watch.


There are believed to be around only 20 original complete sets in the world, this is one of the most famed collection of watches in existence. You may also recognise the name from the 1960’s film The Dirty Dozen, which depicts the misadventures of 12 fictional soldiers from the war.

Taking inspiration from the designs of the original 1940’s models, Bremont have developed a new, more traditional two-piece case that features a screw in case back, that itself will show-case the collective badges of all three of the MoD services; the first ever watches to do so. Each watch manufactured in Henley-on-Thames will represent one branch of the military with nuances in design that the British watch company are famed for, that will appeal to both military personnel and civilians alike.


The Bremont Broadsword

Manufactured to the original specification of the British Army, the ‘Broadsword’ is the closest in looks to the Dirty Dozen with a sub-seconds hand sitting 6 o’clock. Simple white numerals are paired with C1 Super-LumiNova® dots and finished hands to enhance the viewing in low light. This model made from hardened steel is 40mm in diameter and equipped with a khaki green sailcloth strap and features the chronometer certified movement, Modified calibre 11 1/2’’’ BE-95-2AV.


This model is the smallest of the three MoD watches and one that we feel will be a big hit due to its fantastic price point at £2595. 40mm is a great size watch for a smaller size wrist or general comfort in day to day wear; something Bremont encourage in all their timepieces. If you have been looking for a more understated luxury watch that you can wear anywhere, anytime and in any condition, this may be the piece for you.


The Bremont Arrow

A mono-pusher chronograph is the distinguishing feature of the ‘Arrow’. The chronograph functionality is a necessity for any timed mission with this timepiece being aimed at the airman. The chronometer rated BE-51AE movement is fitted in a 42mm hardened steel case with the chronograph operated with just the one pusher that will start, stop and reset the stopwatch.


We love the RAF blue sailcloth strap that provides a touch of colour in the most fitting way. The tone of blue is recognisable to those in the know and an aspect that we feel will be loved by many RAF aficionados. The single pusher chronograph is a great old-school feature for a watch that should be used more and with this watch priced at £3595, the Arrow will rank well in the luxury watch market due its superb features great price.


The Bremont Argonaut

The diver of the three, being water resistant to 300 metres, the ‘Argonaut’ is the Naval inspired piece with its name taken from Greek mythology and synonymous with Navy history having appeared on commissioned ships for close to 250 years. Apart from the water resistance, the other key feature to this watch is the readability, especially the highly legible orange minute hand with minutes being so critical in the marine environment.


Bremont have produced many watches that feature the inner rotating bezel operated by the 4 o’clock crown, this feature is one that has proved to be popular among Bremont fans, as it adds an element of difference from so many watches that exhibit an external rotating bezel. Priced at £2795, the Argonaut is a handsome, very wearable diving watch at just 42mm in case size.



Expanding collections is a big undertaking for any watch brand, but I feel the reason to expand should be due to demand and inspiring concepts. A watch of any price let alone one in the luxury market should tell a story and therefore the story give the brand reason to produce a new collection. As a consumer who has bought into a luxury product, it is great to talk about the product and explain its existence and why it differentiates from any other product out there, I genuinely feel that Bremont products do this really well.

Bremont with this proud partnership have the perfect excuse to expand their range and tell a story and capitalise on their military experience. The military watches that they produce for many militias all over the world is a big part of their business, but for a British brand a seal of approval from the MoD is something very special.


The Armed forces collection is due to arrive in April landing in our Blackburn store, where you can pre-order now as well as online.

To see the new Armed Forces Collection and all our Bremont range click the link below.

Danny Bond P.J. Dip

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