This magnificent timepiece is the first of its kind in the Oris diving watch history to be made from solid 18 carat yellow gold. Not only that, it is limited to an exclusive 50 pieces worldwide. To top it off, by investing in one of these unique pieces you will also be supporting the “Coral Restoration Foundation”; a percentage of the sales from these watches are raising money to help the charity to continue with their hard efforts of improving the coral reefs back to their former natural beauty. This is part of Oris’s ‘change for the better’ mission to help the planet.

What are the features of this timepiece?

The Carysfort Reef watch has the traditional automatic movement, Oris 798, with a 42 hour power reserve.  The case, bezel and crown are all crafted in solid 18 carat gold while the bezel is featuring a scratch and fade resistant blue and black ceramic inlay which represents night and day for the second time zone feature. Protecting the deep blue dial with gold plated hands is a scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating to allow better visibility both in and out of the water.

Turning the watch over you will see the delicate coral image that celebrates 30,000 corals having been planted along with the individual limited-edition number that is engraved into a sapphire crystal inlay set into the gold case back. Fitted to the case, the strap is a deep-sea blue leather coated with rubber for added protection against water and fastened with an 18 carat gold buckle.

The Oris Carysfort Reef is presented in a spectacular wooden presentation box and comes with a three-year international warranty.

Who is The Coral Restoration Foundation?

They are the leading non-profit coral restoration organisation group which are working endlessly to reintroduce coral to damaged reefs in the Great Barrier Reefs. Coral has disappeared by 98 percent since the 1950’s and 60’s when the reefs were at their height of recreational diving.

This Oris timepiece is supporting their on going work in Carysfort in Key Largo, Florida. It is the only barrier reef in the USA and the 3rd largest in the world. By the end of this year the foundation will have planted over 30,000 corals on the Florida Reef and this has been achievable because of the partnership with Oris. They hope to restore the reef to its original historical levels and then it can begin its natural recovery process.

Restoring the coral is done by using cuttings from the existing living corals in the reefs as they have survived the harsh conditions so they will have more of a chance of growing and continuing to survive the effects of climate change. The cuttings are left to grow in a protected ocean nursery and checked every seven days. One cutting can produce thousands of new hardier corals. Cuttings are eventually taken from these growing trees and placed into the coral reefs to start the restoration process.

Why is Coral restoration important?

Coral is an essential ecosystem to the planet as it provides 70 percent of the worlds oxygen although it only covers 1 percent of the earths surface, which is pretty incredible right? It also protects the shorelines and supports fisheries as 25 percent of the marine species call it home.

Sadly without any action in the next 80 years coral reefs could disappear and become extinct. This is due to climate change causing the sea temperature to rise. Making it one of the most endangered ecosystems on planet earth.

So with the purchase of this watch you are not only buying a unique, sought after piece to adorn your wrist, you are also helping towards saving the planet. Our company is incredibly lucky to have secured one of these watches. If you would like further information or to pre-order this watch follow this link to our website or contact your nearest branch.

Written by Sian Gibson PJ Dip, PJ Man

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